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Almon Gunter is a highly acclaimed motivational, inspirational public speaker, author, and consultant, as well as a two-time US Olympic Trial Qualifier in track and field.
Almon is the author of four self-help books Focus on the Final Seconds and Win the Game of Life, a how-to book on achieving both mental and physical fitness success in life, Focus To Win a how-to book on how to build a strong foundation for success, and The Essence of Teamwork a how-to book on working, playing, and winning as a team, Lead with your Life focuses on the seven principles of leadership.
As a world-class sprinter in track Almon competed internationally in over 15 countries. At the height of his running career, Almon ran the 13th fastest time in the world for 200 meters. He uses these experiences and success on the track to help others reach their maximum velocity performance in the game of life.
Almon speaks nationally and internationally for some of the words leading companies. He specializes in customizing talks for each client on topics such as Leadership, Teamwork, Goal Setting, and Playing To Win just to name a few. Almon has also become one of the most renowned speed, agility, and mental toughness athletic coaches in the nation. Since 1998 he has developed over 1000 athletes in 8 different sports at the collegiate and professional level.
Almon helps individuals to make the quantum leap both on and off the field by providing specialized instructions in back to basic independent thinking. At the heart of everything that Almon does is his passion for life. His goal is to create the art of possibility in each individual that ultimately helps the individual to gain confidence in their ability to perform under pressure and to compete in the most important game of all, life.
Almon’s background in training and development, senior management, and athletics provides a unique perspective on life. It is Almon’s belief and desire for all individuals to possess the desire, dedication, and determination to succeed in achieving their goals. His formula for success involves die-hard dedication, never-ending enthusiasm, hard work, heart and hustle, with the end result of becoming a MVP in the game of life.

Almon's Timeline to Success

January 1983
Florida Junior College
Torn hamstring. It was said, I would never to be able to compete as a sprinter in track & field again.
March 1983
Florida Junior College
Ran my fastest 200 meters to date in my career after my injury.
Florida State University
Started my career in the business world and hung up my track spikes.
January 1991
University of Florida
UF Indoor Track and Field Meet. My first time competing in 6 years. Won the open 400 meters.
June 1991
Helsinki Finland
Left to compete internationally for the first time. Competed in 7 countries.
July 1991
Stockholm Sweden
Ran 13th fastest time in the world for 200 meters. Qualified for the 1992 US Olympic Trials.
June 1991-1996
Competed Internationally
US Olympic Trials were held in 1992. Then off to Europe to compete internationally. Represented the USA in 15 countries and ran in 7 different Olympic stadiums around the world.
February 1998
Gunter-Gunter, Inc.
Started Gunter-Gunter Inc, my consulting and motivational company. 
January 2002
Core character development
Created a character development curriculum consisting of 15 modular workbooks and counting for students.
January 2003
Almon Gunter Motivates, Inc.
Gunter-Gunter Inc. is changed to the new company name, Almon Gunter Motivates, Inc. 
August 2004
Focus on the final seconds
Launched my first motivational book, a how-to book on achieving both mental and physical fitness success in life. 
Carli lloyd
Started training Carli on speed, agility, and mental toughness.
USA olympic women soccer
USA Women Soccer wins Gold Medal. Carli scores winning goal in overtime. 
March 2009
Focus to win
Wrote a second book, Focus to Win, a how-to book on building a strong foundation for success.
September 2014
Essence of Teamwork
Wrote a third book, Essence of Teamwork, a how-to book on working, playing, and winning as a team. 
Carli lloyd and derrick henry
USA Women's Soccer Team wins FIFA World Cup. Carli Lloyd wins Golden Boot Award and client Derrick Henry wins Heisman Trophy. 
Almon Gunter Experience (AGE) powered by astoryo
Created AGE to help individuals to discover their purpose and maximize their potential.
October 2019
Lead with your life
Wrote a fourth book, Lead With Your Life, a how-to book on the principles needed to inspire the people you lead each day. 

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