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About the Experience

The Almon Gunter Experience (AGE) is a unique process that is designed for each individual to observe, encounter, and undergo his or her own personal journey to becoming the best that he or she can be. The foundation of AGE is built on knowing your value so you never lose your voice.

With AGE you find that success is not permanent and failure is not fatal. What’s important is the willingness to be open to the possibilities, to listen well, and to understand that information and decision-making will ultimately determine the life you live.

AGE is not a one-size-fits-all or canned approach.  Simply stated, AGE is more than a number, it’s an experience.

Mission Statement
It is the mission of Almon Gunter Motivates, Inc. to partner with organizations and individuals that share a strong responsibility for today’s youth.  Our aim is to cultivate, motivate and empower every individual with the tools that are essential to achieving their dreams, in all aspects of life.

Almon's Philosophy

Every Day is Game Day

It's all about your personal development.

Focus to Win

In life you always hit what you focus on.


Nobody Wins Alone

So pick your team wisely.

It's an Inside Job

Know your Value, Find Your Voice

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